Announcing TGG Games publishing company!

Hello again everyone! 

It’s been a busy time at ‘The Gaming Goat’ since our last announcement.  We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop our new publishing company called ‘TGG Games.’ So yeah, we will be producing, developing, and printing games under our own brand.   We are keeping the forever popular TGG goat head, but adding a little different feel that is consistent with a publishing logo.   (It has to look clean on game packaging)

Where will you be able to purchase our games?

  • – This website will be supplying the world with games we publish and all our Kickstarter supporter retail titles as well.
  • Kickstarter campaigns where applicable!   Keep in mind that Kickstarter is a dual purpose selling channel.  It’s for publishers that need the funding to produce games, and publishers that are using the engine for an advanced pre-order system.   For games that have production runs of under 5,000 copies, TGG will have everything completed before the KS campaigns even launch. We will use KS for it’s marketing capability and will utilize it for pre-order exposure.
  • The Gaming Goat brick and mortar stores. 

Are there plans to release games to other game stores, retail distributors, big box stores or Amazon?

  • Game stores that aren’t TGG locations will be considered for direct distribution with visual merchandising audits when accounts are set up.   Receiving funding from stores matters very little to me. But having them in the right stores, with the right vibe and visual appeal matters to me greatly.   There will be a link on to apply for a retailer direct account soon!
  • Retail Distributors – We are thinking 60 days after the games launch at TGG stores.   Our concern is losing control over who is able to purchase the games. So we will likely go with a singular distribution partner.  
  • Big Box/Amazon – Receiving a check for a large order from a retail chain is appealing only if they can maintain visual standards.  We have learned a lot from the Jamie Stegmeier integrity situation last year, and refuse to put retail stores at risk to accommodate big business.  I will also not sell to Amazon Direct if we choose to supply retail stores with the product. Doing things the right way is very important to me, and I will go above and beyond to keep communication accurate and timely.  I don’t need a blog or video content channel filled with inaccurate information to publish/sell board games as Stonemeier games does.

What are the goals with this new company?

  • Putting more control into our own hands.  More steps of the supply chain process that we control ensures success for TGG.   We are now able to dictate our own timelines and negotiate with designers at the highest level!
  • Massive reduction in the cost to publish the games because we have a retail chain powering the sale of the units.   We are able to negotiate exclusivity with designers for the US/World markets knowing that in most cases we can purchase more copies than what are even desired from the Kickstarter runs.  
  • It allows us to debunk issues that plague some of the publishers we support in our retail stores.   The knowledge gained will bring a different level of partnership to the table to help assist publishers in making supply chain smoother for our stores.   
  • Allows us to build organized play around our exclusive game releases that only TGG stores will have access too.   This also includes running events and booths at conventions around the world to promote the brand. This increases visibility to TGG Games and our retail stores at the same time!

I am excited to bring this company to the forefront in 2020 and beyond.   We will see you on the frontlines fighting the good fight soon!


Jeff Bergren (Executive Vice President of Operations – TGG Games)
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